How & Why PetFam Works


Any of this sound familiar?

• OMG, we’re leaving in two days and we have no pet care.
• I haaaate having to bug the same person again, who else can I ask??
• No way, not them. They’ll trash my place/forget her meds/what if she pees on their stuff, they’ll be so mad!
• What if they don’t feed him? Love him? Play with him? Maybe it’s not worth leaving at all…


In a recent study of 125 pet owners, PetFam found 70% of us call on friends or family for pet care. Ironically, that stomach-churning imposition we feel when having to ask the same people if they can sit – again – is one of our top stressors, right up there with uncertainty about trustworthiness and the gnawing possibility of neglect.


If you’ve ever felt any of the above, fellow pet owner, we’re here to tell you… you are not alone. And there is a simple solution that really works for finding free, nearby, trustworthy pet care, often in your own home, for all ages, needs and breeds.




The free 5 Step Guide for Safely Swapping Free, Loving, In Home Pet Sitting  is our proven little mini-system for quickly finding and safely exchanging pet care within a circle of local, dependable animal lovers (aka your PetFam) who possess experience, skills and availability suiting your exact needs. 

Enter your email address to receive this Guide, along with an invite to join our private Facebook PetFam Care Exchange Group, allowing you to immediately connect with other PetFam members in your area looking to swap care. The 5 Step Guide will give you the tools necessary to thoroughly screen a prospective sitter for trust and safety. Once vetted, simply message your travel/work schedule to your new connections with a click of a button. They’ll have you covered, opening the door to unlimited, free, reliable pet sitting, often for years to come.


By the way, there’s no catch. This is a free local sharing venture, a labour of love to help ease the very real emotional, and often financial, strain of finding loving, trustworthy, reliable pet care close to home.




As Yngwie Meowmsteen’s mama, and a long time pit bull rescuer, I have successfully used these very steps for ten years now, exchanging both long and short-term care without incident, with over a dozen loving, trustworthy humans – even with our pets’ special needs ranging from high anxiety and non-socialized behaviour to indoor peeing. Amazingly, the other pet owners in my circle of care have all experienced the same outstanding rate of success exchanging with each other, as well.

Gone are the dreadful feelings of imposition, hassle and last minute panic. 
I get the fun of experiencing a pet I might never have chosen for myself, and a profound feeling of connection with people in my community I likely wouldn’t have met otherwise.

But the best part? When we fall through our doors, wiped from travel adventures or long working hours to find our little babies fed, exercised and happy, words cannot describe the sense of relief and freedom we feel knowing just a few hours of effort resulted in finding better long term pet care than we could have ever hoped for. For free. Ultimately our pets are happier, and we are happier.


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