Connecting Loving, Trustworthy Pet Owners for Free Pet Sitting Exchange

Frustrated in the search for safe, affordable pet care?
Don’t want to ask friends to sit – again?

The search is over.

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Connecting Loving, Trustworthy Pet Owners for Free Pet Sitting Exchange

Frustrated in the search for safe, affordable pet care?
Don’t want to ask friends to sit – again?

The search is over.

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Our Stories

A few words from happy PetFam exchangers

“It has been so great to have met a few really wonderful people through the PetFam community. A special mention of Key, Luca and Kristina whom I finally entrusted with my kitters through PetFam. Further to such great care for her, it so nice to now call them genuine friends! As an avid traveler, I am very much looking forward to connecting with more like-minded pet lovers along the road, and continue to build a network of trust to share and care for our furry babies!”

— Kai S.

“I was relocating to Vancouver and joined PetFam to seek pet sitting opportunities that corresponded with my arrival. After a few Skype interviews, information exchanged and a visit to meet the owners, I had a new kitty friend and a beautiful apartment at which to land for several months, allowing me time to save some rent money and secure an apartment of my own!”

— Jackie H

“Thank you very much, PetFam, on behalf of myself and all caring pet owners.”

— Lynda M.

“As a MAJOR lover of animals, I can't think of a more loving, compassionate thing to do for pets than PetFam. It breaks my heart to know that people can't/won't adopt animals from shelters because they feel they don't have the resources to take care of them, when there's a willing community to step up and help each other out - exactly what PetFam is. Thank you!”

— Mari M.

“PetFam, thank you for the wonderful service you provide. I was out of town when my sitter fell through, and was in desperate need of someone to look after my two boys for an extended amount of time. A couple hours later my dogs were at (a PetFam member's) house, as happy as could be, and were well taken care of and loved. To be part of the PetFam family was a total life saver!”

— Mike M.

“Thank you so much for creating PetFam!!! I really appreciate what you have done.”

— Patricia A.

“I'm so glad I saw this on the news. PetFam is helping so many pets, and pet owners, find peace of mind when having to leave them. Fabulous service.”

— Kendra K.

“PetFam is a godsend as it is so hard to find trustworthy, affordable pet sitting.”

— Maureen C.

“I have to say that PetFam is just AWESOME!! I'm in love with this project. So smart, and so well done. Congratulations!!!!”

— Clarice B.


Adrianna’s Story

As a lifelong rescue pet owner who also loves to travel, finding pet care has never NOT been unspeakably difficult for me. It didn’t take long after adopting my very first cat for the feeling of imposition to become almost unbearable when having to ask the same friend or family member if they could please pop by or stay over – again. Still I felt there simply must be a better way. So I sat down. And I figured it out. And now I get to share it with you! Check Out My Full Story.

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