The Issue of Trust

“OK, but how do I know I can REALLY trust another PetFam member to take care of my baby the way I would?“

We worry about this stuff, too.

Like Uber, AirBnB and nearly all dating sites, PetFam is a simple sharing tool designed to connect trustworthy people to fill a need. In this case, our mutual need is finding affordable, loving pet care.

By reaching out to other nearby pet owners to exchange care, we eliminate the financial burden, reduce incidents of neglect and bond closer as a community. But how do we know we can truly trust each other?

  • All new PetFam members are emailed our 5 Step Guide for Safely Exchanging Care. This Guide thoroughly details what is expected of all members, and how to safely find, screen and connect with each other.
  • Before exchanging, PetFam members diligently check references, collect contact information and snap photos of ID in the exact way we would when hiring a house cleaner, or in-home child or elder caregiver. Members rest easy knowing it is not odd, and actually very smart, to ask each other for these things. We also make a habit of sending daily photos and updates to each other during sits to ensure complete mutual comfort and peace of mind.
  • A pet care agreement form is provided to members encouraging them to discuss all expectations and responsibilities during the sit, then sign off on the details of these arrangements, ahead of time. This prevents surprises and misunderstandings along the way.
  • The very nature of exchanging provides a high level of built-in accountability. It is unlikely a pet owner will mistreat someone else’s, knowing their own baby’s well being is on the line while in the care of the other. People tend to be on their best behaviour when something so precious could be at risk, which is precisely why other award-winning sharing services have worked so beautifully for years.
  • All PetFam members are welcome to join our private PetFam Facebook Group. This provides additional accountability, and allows us to see friends and interests we may have in common.

Consider for a moment the global popularity of online dating sites, filled with people safely connecting as perfect strangers. Wonderful house cleaners and care workers are found through Craigslist, and loving parents meet every day through kids programs, then often exchange care. PetFam is a modern adaptation of “it takes a village to raise a child” for us pet-parents who understand the risks, take great precautions to minimize them and believe that most people around us are also good, caring, animal-loving human beings!

The Bottom Line: Diligently screening anyone offering care, using the steps provided, is the very best way to protect our pets, be it through PetFam, daycares, kennels and other professional and independent pet services.

But enough about us!

What do you think about all this sharing stuff? All feedback is welcome and only helps us improve.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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