Who is PetFam Purrfect For?

Senior Couple Walking Along Winter Beach With Pet Dog

Problem: You’ve just been asked to do a double shift at the hospital, or a beautiful day of skiing ends with you stranded on the hill by bad weather. Back home, you know Max has gone eight hours without a pee and Pounce is out of food.

Solution: Frantic text sent to your PetFam: “Could someone please stop by?” Two responses within minutes. Paul says: “No worries, I’ve got keys. I’ll swing by on my way home from work. BTW, I have an out-of-town shoot coming up, maybe you can help with Sadie?”

As a PetFam member, you’ll connect with all kinds of people just like you – animal lovers who, for various reasons, aren’t comfortable with traditional forms of daycare, kennelling or paid sitters. Thank dog there’s another way for us:

  • owners of rescues, special/elder needs, high maintenance breeds not suitable for kennelling
  • new pet owners uncertain about trustworthy or affordable care options
  • people who love traveling, hiking, extreme sports & other less pet-friendly adventures
  • shift and on-call workers, ie. caregivers, civic, construction, film & service industry
  • professionals who travel for work
  • nomadic freelancers
  • pet owners who enjoy other community-sharing solutions like AirBnB, Lyft, Uber, etc.

Over the years, we’ve discovered PetFam members tend to be mature, adventurous, relaxed animal advocates who value experience and freedom. Many of us have joyfully learned first-hand that the majority of global citizens are trustworthy, wonderful humans worth knowing and reaching out to for things we need. We love to eliminate the conversation about money whenever possible, opting instead to share what we’ve been blessed with.

While swapping pet sitting won’t be for everyone, if any of the above describes how you feel about the struggle to find care, you just may have found your tribe… err, pack!


Ready to breathe a sigh of relief?

???? PetFam Year 1 was a wild success, with 160+ active pet sitting exchange members, and 2200+ subscribers!

Exchanges are now closed as we build the hugely improved PetFam Phase 2.

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