Adrianna’s Story

As a self-employed rescue-pet owner who also loves to travel, finding affordable, trustworthy pet sitting has always been unspeakably difficult for me. After adopting my first kitty fluff ball, Morpheus, it was only a short time before the feelings of imposition became unbearable in asking the same friends if they could please pop by – again. As more furry friends followed, I started opting out of camping, weekend invites, travel because… what about the pets?? And who else could I ever trust to understand, love and handle my babies’ behavioural, dietary and other special needs?

Finally, in total frustration, I sat down, put my boss-brain thinking cap on… and I figured it out. Lovingly dubbed by one of my sit-swappers as “free AirBnB for pets, by pet owners”, I’ve been safely reaching out to other loving, nearby pet parents for unlimited, free care exchange, without incident, for over ten years.

What has now become PetFam is an incredibly simple, community-sharing effort that matches experienced, loving pet owners for sitting exchange. Gone are the dreadful feelings of imposition, hassle and last minute panic. We get the fun of experiencing pets we might never have chosen for ourselves, and a feeling of connection with dozens of loving owners in our communities we likely wouldn’t have had otherwise.

In reaching out for care exchange on my own years ago, I discovered we are surrounded by other experienced, trustworthy pet owners in our buildings, neighbourhoods and communities, and that pet ownership and advocacy does not have to mean being tied to home forever! I haven’t spent a dime on sitting since, and my pets enjoy non-disruptive, loving, in home care any time I’m away, for any length of stay.

But the best part? When we fall through our doors, wiped from travel adventures or long work hours to find our little babies fed, exercised and happy, words cannot describe the sense of relief and freedom we feel, knowing just a little effort resulted in finding better long term care than we could have ever hoped for. For free. Ultimately our pets are happier, and we are happier.

The fun, friendly world you are about to enter is a true sharing economy venture (as in we actually share, for free) and a labour of love. PetFam works hard to make the joys of pet companionship possible for EVERYONE by providing an incredibly simple way for us to find, screen and safely exchange care with each other.

We’re hoping PetFam helps you find this feeling of relief, freedom and connection, too!

Adrianna Hepper
Founder & Super Fun Pet Party Lady

???? PetFam Year 1 was a wild success, with 160+ active pet sitting exchange members, and 2200+ subscribers!

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