Adrianna’s Story

Adrianna + Marlo, Jenny’s pup, hanging out for the afternoon

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

As a newly graduated teenager, I’d just landed my first apartment. Predictably, I became obsessed with getting my very first dog, as having a dog was always out of the question under my parents’ evil regime. Now officially the boss of my own life, I was getting me that dog. And not just any dog, dammit. It had to be a rescue. And it had to be BIG.

Long story short: the beautiful, giant German shepherd mix I excitedly chose for myself turned out to be a) outrageously untrained and b) terrifyingly dog aggressive. Combine this with my absolute lack of foresight, experience and time, thanks to long shifts at my minimum wage deli job… Well yeah, you can probably guess how long Zeus lasted in his new home.

Heartbroken, I figured it would be prudent to scale the dog dream back until I had more room, and time (HAHA, oh, I was so young), and settled for two rescue kittens.




Since those early years I have never been without at least one and often multiple pets. All of them rescues. I even got me that dog eventually! Dreams really do come true.

Welp, OK. Except for one thing.


Finding pet care has never NOT been an unspeakably difficult challenge for me. Especially considering the hodgepodge of special needs my rescues inevitably arrive with. The last thing I ever wanted to do was opt for dog kenneling or cat boarding in a loud, overstimulating facility – exactly what I’d just rescued my babies from! As a budding entrepreneur who also loves to travel, it wasn’t long before the feeling of imposition on others became so unbearable, I’d rather stay stranded at home than have to ask the same person if they could please pop by or stay over. Again. Not only that, I could never get away for a weekend with those same friends, consider a career that might require long shifts or really do anything in life that kept me from home more than eight hours at a time.


I’d had it.

“Aren’t there like a million other pet owners in this town, probably right here in my building?? Surely some of them leave once in a while, too, and wouldn’t mind swapping care. Holy crap, imagine if I could just… find them…”


So I sat down. And I figured it out. And I’ve been successfully using this little method, loving dubbed by one of my sit swappers as “free AirBnB for pets, by pet owners”, for over ten years now.

Beloved human, I invite you to say goodbye to hired sitting services or having to say ’Sorry, I can’t’, just like I’ve been able to finally do. Sign up, just to see who’s close by!

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