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At this time, we ask that all members take full responsibility for carefully checking ID and references, just as one does when hiring a new babysitter, elder care worker or house cleaner. However, very soon we will offer ID verification and pet care liability insurance. Sign up to our mailing list (subscribe box in Footer), and we’ll be sure to let you know when this is available!
Of course, that’s a perfect idea. Many of our members do exactly this. Simply indicate your interest on your Profile, then look for others who have done the same, and start reaching out!
You can always ask, however, what makes PetFam different from other pay-for-sit sites is that money never needs to be discussed or exchanged between members. In the PetFam community, sharing is actually sharing.
To begin, read through our tried and true Step by Step Guide For Safe Exchange. This guide will take you through a few simple, recommended steps for how to safely reach out, carefully screen and then meet other members, in order to determine further compatibility. All it takes is an email and few reference-checking phone calls, and you’ll be on your way!
Please do! Members like you are extra valuable in our community – coordinating with you is a snap with only one set of pets involved. The annual membership fee remains the same as an important part of ensuring your commitment to providing reliable care to our fellow members (not to mention, is ultimately a bargain compared to the annual cost of actually owning a pet yourself)! 
Our tried and true Step by Step Guide For Safe Exchange is the best resource for leading you through a perfectly smooth pet sitting exchange, including tips on setting expectations, how to minimize pet (and pet parent!) separation anxiety and even how to discretely ‘check up’ on a new sitter during a stay. We also highly recommend using our Petsitting Agreement form for determining care expectations, and what to do in case of emergencies or accidents, ahead of time.

How PetFam Works

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PetFam’s recommended Pet Sitting Agreement Form records both parties’ contact info, and helps outline arrangement details, responsibilities and emergency procedures, before leaving Fifi with her new care giver. Highly recommended to fill out and sign together, then snap a photo of it along with photos of two pieces of ID from each of you.

“OK, but how do I know I can REALLY trust another PetFam member to take care of my baby the way I would?“

We worry about this stuff, too. Read more here.

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