How Much Does It All Cost & What Do I Get?


Membership: $75US / year

PetFam is a true sharing economy venture, meaning no money is exchanged between members. We offer our time freely for the care of animals, and enjoy greater connection with our local community.

The annual membership fee – less than the average cost of two overnight stays– helps keep PetFam running, and allows members an entire year of unlimited pop-ins, playdates and overnight stays. No additional per-exchange or per-day charges apply.

This fee is also a security measure, helping to ensure only the most committed animal-lovers have access to our trusted community.

PetFam eliminates the conversation about money between members, allowing our only focus to be on providing amazing care for each others’ pets!


Happiness Guaranteed

We are so confident you will find incredible PetFam members with whom to exchange free care, we offer a money-back guarantee: if you do not make a connection within your first year, you may renew for a second year for free and try it again with our help, or receive your money back – your choice. Other benefits include:

  • No more imposing on friends, asking if they could please sit – again
  • Financial burden eliminated from both long & short term pet care
  • Quickly search, view references & screen other nearby members
  • Easy internal messaging between members
  • Daily photo/video updates while your pets are in care
  • Instant, live chat support – we’re here to help
  • A portion of every membership donated to animal charity
  • ID verification, premium pet insurance & more to come!

All pet types, special needs and breeds welcome

No pet, but would LOVE part-time pet time?

Members like you are extra valuable in our community – coordinating with you is a snap with only one set of pets involved. The annual membership fee remains the same as an important part of ensuring your commitment to providing reliable care to our fellow members – and is ultimately a bargain compared to the annual cost of actually owning a pet yourself!

Flat broke but still want to be a part of the fun?

There’s a place for you, too. Learn more, and start connecting.

Ready to breathe a sigh of relief?

???? PetFam Year 1 was a wild success, with 160+ active pet sitting exchange members, and 2200+ subscribers!

Exchanges are now closed as we build the hugely improved PetFam Phase 2.

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Need pet care now?

Swap unlimited daily walks, playdates, pop-bys and home stays with trusted, nearby pet parents today, in our DIY-style PetFam Community Facebook group. All needs & breeds welcome.❤️

Got skills? Investors/partners/superfans invited to help us build Phase 2 - contact us.