About Us

PetFam is a community sharing venture and labour of love, created by long-time rescue pet owner Adrianna Hepper, product development consultant and founder of KnottyBoy.com. Read more of her story here.

Adrianna with her special-needs rescue, Yngwie Meowmsteen – the grumpy, sweet, 16lb reason this PetFam community even exists!


PetFam connects loving, trustworthy pet owners for free pet sitting exchange. Whether looking to swap occasional (vacation) or regular (daily/weekly) pet care, PetFam makes it easy to establish good matches based on background, experience and skills that suit you and your pets’ exact needs. We love to help make the joys of pet companionship possible for EVERYONE by eliminating financial stress, anxiety about pet safety and our feelings of imposition in having to ask friends or family if they could please sit – again.

PetFam is a true sharing economy venture, in that no money is exchanged between members. It is about freely sharing our time and love with animals, not about selling private services. A nominal annual membership fee of $75US – less than the typical cost of two overnight stays – allows you quick, easy connection and unlimited free care with other nearby members. This fee is also a security measure, ensuring only the most committed animal lovers have access to our community.

We are so confident you will find amazing, free pet sitting through PetFam, we offer a money-back guarantee: if you do not connect within your first year, you may renew for a free second year and try it again with our help, or receive your money back in full – your choice!

We believe everyone who loves having pets in their life should be able to do so. Join us to share the care, for free, with your PetFam.

Ready to breathe a sigh of relief?

???? PetFam Year 1 was a wild success, with 160+ active pet sitting exchange members, and 2200+ subscribers!

Exchanges are now closed as we build the hugely improved PetFam Phase 2.

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Need pet care now?

Swap unlimited daily walks, playdates, pop-bys and home stays with trusted, nearby pet parents today, in our DIY-style PetFam Community Facebook group. All needs & breeds welcome.❤️

Got skills? Investors/partners/superfans invited to help us build Phase 2 - contact us.