Sound Familiar?

  • OMG, I’m leaving in two days and have no pet care!

  • I just rescued him from a loud, kennelled environ-ment. He’s not going back to that again.

  • I haaaate having to bug the same person again, who else can I ask?

  • What if they don’t feed them? Love them? Play with them? Maybe it’s not worth leaving at all…

In a recent study of 375 pet owners, PetFam found over 70% of us call on friends or family for pet care. Ironically, the imposition we feel when repeatedly asking the same people if they can pet sit is one of our top stressors, nearly equal to gnawing concerns about neglect, trustworthiness and cost.

The frustration is over. Here’s how easy it is to find free, loving, in-home pet sitting, today!

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All pet types, special needs and breeds welcome

  • Why Pets Love PetFam

    • Kennel free, non disruptive in-home care
    • One on one attention, baby talk & belly rubs
    • Increased activity & socialization
    • Minimized neglect
    • Many members are experts in special needs
  • Why Pet Owners Love PetFam

    • Work long hours & enjoy holidays, guilt-free
    • No more imposition or last minute panic
    • Rest easy knowing pets are well loved & cared for
    • Effortless set up, communication & support
    • No $$ exchanged between members – ever

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