Who Is PetFam Purrfect For?


Problem: You’ve just been asked to do a double shift at the hospital, or a beautiful day of snowboarding ends with you stranded on the hill by bad weather. Back home, you know Max has gone eight hours without a pee and Pounce is out of food.

Solution: Frantic text sent to your PetFam: ‘Could someone please stop by?’ Two responses within minutes. Paul says: ‘No worries, I’ve got keys. I’ll swing by on my way home from work. BTW, I have a long shoot coming up next week, maybe you can help with Sadie. Will be in touch.’



Untitled-6The free 5 Step Guide for Safely Swapping Free, Loving, In Home Pet Sitting is our proven little mini-system for quickly and safely building your own PetFam of local, dependable pet owners looking to swap care, and who posses the experience, care skills and availability suiting your exact needs. Once you’ve signed up to receive the Guide, our secret Facebook PetFam Pet Care Exchange Group will also be unlocked to you, ready to help kickstart care-connections with other trusted PetFam members. Connections that often last for years.


In the PetFam Facebook Group you’ll find all kinds of people just like you – mainly, pet lovers who simply can’t afford or aren’t comfortable trusting their precious babies with daycares, kennelling or independent sitters who might just be in it for the money. Thank dog there’s another way for us:


  • owners of rescues, special/elder needs, high maintenance breeds not suitable for kennelling
  • professionals who travel for work06
  • families that camp or vacation
  • people who love hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities not suitable for pets
  • caregivers, civic and industry employees with irregular shifts
  • on-call workers, ie. actors/film industry, substitute teachers, job seekers (last min interviews)
  • nomadic freelancers
  • travelling sports players
  • new pet owners conflicted by care options


Ready to ease your troubled mind? Let us show you how to find your own PetFam.


This is a 100% free local sharing venture, a labour of love to help ease the very real emotional, and often financial, strain of finding loving, trustworthy, reliable pet care close to home.
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